My office does not have four walls. My office does not have a door. My office does not even have a desk and a chair.

My office is a small black bag from IKEA that I carry over my shoulder.

For those who like details, here are the numbers. A 10 inch Windows tablet with a keyboard fits inside it, as does a portable scanner. A copy of the Rules of Civil Procedure, with commentary, occupies just 349 MB of space on a 64GB microSD card, and my accounting software occupies another 411 MB. While I still have one physical filing cabinet, every document I create and every document I receive ends up paperless, is backed up in the Cloud and takes up just 1.63 GB – even another ten thousand pages of documents won’t weigh an extra ounce more when I carry them around. When I need it, a battery-powered, portable printer the size of a box of chocolates comes along with me.

My office is wherever I happen to be, and wherever I need to be. My office is in a client’s living room, at their own office, at a Starbucks, or in a courthouse hallway. My office doesn’t charge me exorbitant rent that I then have to pass along to my clients as part of my fees. My office doesn’t make clients travel across town in traffic and pay $20.00 an hour for parking just to see me. My business address is a shared reception area that costs me under one hundred dollars each month, lets me get courier and other deliveries during business hours, and I can access my mailbox 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There was a time when people looked to spend as little time at their office as possible, preferring leisure time over work. Now my office follows me around, like the shell on a turtle, but instead of feeling like a constant burden, my office actually is very liberating. I can work when and where I need to, saving my clients time and money, and my focus is on doing the work and not on working just to pay for physical space that impresses nobody. I can be faster and more efficient for my clients, and my practice is mobile and flexible so that I serve my clients’ particular needs.

My office is a small black bag from IKEA, and for the first time in over a quarter century of practicing law, I’ve got an office that I look forward to seeing every day.

And because my office is wherever I happen to be, it comes with a wonderful, ever-changing view.

Musings about my office

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