I am grateful for the positive feedback and support of colleagues and friends, who have helped me make the decision to run for Bencher in the upcoming 2019 Law Society of Ontario elections.

As a sole practitioner, who has spent his entire career either working solo or in a small firm, I bring forward a voice on behalf of an under-represented demographic in the legal profession. I also bring experience from the ADR world as well, and this growing area for our members, both as ADR practitioners and as advocates, needs a strong voice at the Law Society.

For those who feel, as I do, that the Law Society often seems detached from the day to day concerns of practitioners, this is a chance to have a responsive and fresh perspective brought to the Law Society. Regulation of the profession to protect the public is an important mandate, but the Law Society needs to be more involved in protecting its members, and helping to foster success and balance among lawyers.

Thank you for all your kind words so far, and for your support.

2019 Law Society of Ontario Bencher Elections

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